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The year ahead 2017.

So I been thinking about what I want to accomplish year. This past year was not my been my strongest. I feel I failed in many ways. The film I am developing got put on hold, I was not committed to this blog like I should, I did not get my production company up and running and didn’t make much art. So I am not happy with myself.

That being said I want the this year to be amazing. Make the year a new start for me. I have given some thought to what I want to do and here is what I have so far: Grow personally. I am starting to work on improving me. My Health, my work and my personal life. I have started to get into Robin Sharma on how to become the best me I possible can be. I think that it doesn’t hurt to get into self improvement. God knows I need too.

This blog: Yes I used to write in this blog often, but have gotten away from it. I want to build this blog back up and turn it into a leading film blog. I want to share my journey as a filmmaker, artist and as a creative. Then there is giving you readers information you can use out there. Things I find. I also am going to have guest writers like Ken Anthony help provide content.  I will be shooting for over 200 post this. Ambitious yes., but I think you’ll all get a lot out of it. A few years ago Ted Hope had Hope for Film blog. I got so much out of it and learned a lot. I want to do the same thing with this blog for you.

Production Company: This is the year I officially start my production company. That means making it a legal entity. People will go around claiming they have a production company yet it is not a legal company; which means they do not really have a production company. Filmmaking is a business as well as an art form. When I think about projects I am thinking in two art forms: the art of telling a story visually and the art of business. It is important that you think this way. It helps give you realistic picture of what you can do when making your film.

Film Projects: Right now I have two film project: one is a short about a writer that is having an existential crisis who talks to the ghost of Jack Kerouac and my film dealing with sexual violence in the form of sex trafficking and combat veterans issues.  I took a long break from this project. I am now coming back to it. I have to finish researching it and then write. I will have a first draft in 4 months. After rewrites, I will then package the film and start looking for investors. I want to start shooting this film at around the end of this year. Now for the short, the goal is to shoot it in May. This gives us enough time to raise capital to shoot it, do perproduction and then shoot it. I will also be playing Jack Kerouac. I have already started to grow my hair out for the role and reading up on Jack. We will be submitting this film to Sundance, SXSW, TriBecca and TIFF. We have that kind of confidence in this film to submit it into those film festivals. We have a great screenplay and talented people working on it. One of them is Ken Anthony who will be a producer.

Advocacy: Another thing I will be doing is advocacy work. One of the reasons I am a filmmaker is that it allows me to talk about issues I care about. One of those issues is sexual violence. Now on 2011 I started on the feature, and I got very much side tracked, which I will be going into in the near future, and now I am back to working on it. Now the issue has evolved to sex trafficking which is  rape for profit and I get to discuss it. Same goes for combat veterans issues. We have been at war and it has taken its toll on many who fought in it. I already do veterans mental health advocacy work here in Tampa, and this film helps me further that discussion to even a larger crowd.

Film Society: Tampa needs a true film society. We have organizations that have film society in there name, yet they do not act like a real film society. They are more like AV clubs with a membership fee, they are not cultural institutions which film societies are suppose to be: They do not have programs that teach media literacy. They do not serve the public interest but only their own. Which is fine, but they are not true film societies.  This will be a 501 c3 non-profit organization. It will bring cinema appreciation to the people of the Bay Area. We will start programs that teach media literacy to children in schools.  We will celebrate cinema as a community. It will showcase filmmakers like Kurosawa, Hitchcock, Kubrick, Ford Coppola, Sergio Leone, Scorsese, Allen and many more.  It will have programs for filmmakers. It will celebrate independent cinema.

Become the Master of my Craft: I am going to learn and become an expert in filmmaking.
This is something I think we all should do. I have numerous books on filmmaking at every level. Thirtbooks.com is your friend. I have gotten many books on filmmaking from thriftbooks and and have been diving into them.  I want to know as much as I possible can for a few reasons: One to avert disaster, if you know how do something the right way you will be likely to make costly mistakes. Another reason is it helps you be a  better leader. If you have knowledge in a certain, you can speak and lead with authority. You can help other and give guidance. Most of all be helpful to others, and it is also about being a professional. Professionals know their craft and know it well. And of course it betters my chances of success.

I am looking for an editor. I think it would benefit me greatly.

And soon I am going to explain the events of February 2013 that had much to do with my film.

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13 nov 2015 post.

Hey all, I hope you all are doing well. As for me, I am hanging in there. Got some painting last week and plan to get a lot more done this week. As far as the film goes last week I got pulled from every direction. I am in a situation where I help a lot people, which has been taking up my time. Grrrrr.  This is also why I didn’t get to write last week. But time management is always going to be an issue for you. Fear not though there is a lot of helpful articles out there for you to read.

What else is going on? I was contacted by an actress that I have followed for years contacted me about my feature film an well as my idea for a TV series. She is out in LA and is working with some producers. We will see what happens. So I really need to bust my ass and get these projects done.

From Film Courage   Full interview with William C. Martell

Full Interview with Richard Walter.

From Stage 32  Ex Machina and Four Other Indie Darling Scripts,

From Raindance.com    http://www.raindance.org/10-tips-for-writing-loglin


Here is a talk by Christine Vachon and Ted Hope on the state of film.  I know I have posted this before but I feel that is needs to be put out again.   http://trulyfreefilm.hopeforfilm.com/2013/11/christine-and-ted-explain-all.html

Oh and I just found Christine Vachon interview at SXSW  She is one of my Heroes  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTA4W6hexIY

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Americans and their TV”S

From Ted Hope’s blog

Ameicans and their tcvs

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I came across this while looking for a document. It is Ted Hope’s 99 Recommended Steps For Making Good Movies. I copied and saved it when it came out so I would always have it.  Ted Hope has been he most influential person when it comes to filmmaking. I never went to film school, so I decided to teach myself. I taught myself how to drive a car and swim, why not film?

I found Ted’s Blog when I first started and have followed it ever since.  Filmmaking and media is changing so fast it is about impossible to see where it will end up. If it ends up anywhere, but instead an ever evolving. He has many great guest writers that give great insight into to today’s film landscape and culture.  If you are reading his blog you are falling behind.


This is how I do it, generally speaking.

Or rather, this is how I try to do it. There really is no template; I have to adjust the plan for each project. And it doesn’t always work. Sometimes I fail (at least to some degree).

And yes, I have left out the details. After all, that is where the art, experience, & innovation is. And of course as this is a collaborative endeavor, there is always — and thankfully — that “other” factor.

1.    Maintain wonder & love for the world & most/some of the people.

2.    Recognize the barriers & be empowered by my desire for change.

3.    Find an inspiring idea & the correct collaborator for it.

4.    Maintain love & respect for the film industry.

5.    Develop script.

6.    Fall in love with project.

7.    Get non-financier, non-buyer industry types to give feedback on script.

8.    Maintain wonder & love for the process.

9.    Further develop script.

10.    Maintain respect for collaborator(s).

11.    Identify audience & market for project.

12.    Enhance my enthusiasm for potential of the results of audience engagement with ambitious cinema.

13.    Develop additional materials to properly contextualize project, like image books (aka look books), reference material, blog posts, etc.

14.    Try to locate audience and key influencers for the project.

15.    Develop transmedia extensions (I know I should do this earlier).

16.    Encourage Filmmaker to engage with True Fans (i.e. build community).

17.    Strategize production process.

18.    Ballpark budget.

19.    Evaluate potential cast for project.

20.    Consider possible shooting locations.

21.    Introduce Writer/Director to US Talent Agencies if necessary.

22.    Have Director meet wide range of actors.

23.    Strategize financing.

24.    Strategize casting process.

25.    Develop financing plan.

26.    Execute casting process strategy.

27.    Attach lead actor.

28.    Attach another actor (or two).

29.    Revise financing plan as necessary.

30.    Revise script as necessary.

31.    Estimate possible profit & losses.

32.    Revise financing plan as necessary.

33.    Approach sales agents.

34.    Get foreign sales estimates & foreign sales deal terms.

35.    Revise financing plan.

36.    Budget, ideally in multiple variations.

37.    Approach private equity.

38.    Revise financing plan.

39.    Revise script as necessary.

40.    Get verbal commitments from private equity.

41.    Determine most appropriate & then secure sales agent.

42.    Continue to source additional financing.

43.    Revise financing plan.

44.    Revise script as necessary.

45.    Develop initial outreach, engagement, awareness strategy.

46.    Consider and possibly secure a presale or three.

47.    Revise financing plan.

48.    Revise script as necessary.

49.    Revise Budget.

50.    Consider and possibly secure gap & mezzanine financing if necessary.

51.    Finalize financing structure & partners

52.    Consider & secure key crew collaborators.

53.    Scout primary location.

54.    Revise script as necessary.

55.    Revise Budget.

56.    Secure tax credit/rebate.

57.    Lock all financing.

58.    Lock talent deals.

59.    Lock Location.

60.    Revise script as necessary.

61.    Revise & Lock Budget.

62.    Revise initial outreach, engagement, & awareness strategies.

63.    Prep.

64.    Revise script as necessary.

65.    Initiate initial outreach, engagement, & awareness strategies.

66.    Shoot.

67.    Celebrate completion of shoot.

68.    Wrap production.

69.    Ponder the big picture.

70.    Edit.

71.    Revise outreach, engagement, & awareness strategies.

72.    Initiate revised outreach, engagement, & awareness strategies.

73.    Build awareness.

74.    Ponder the big picture.

75.    Complete “Movie”.

76.    Wrap post.

77.    Further revise outreach, engagement, & awareness strategies.

78.    Take to festivals.

79.    Win awards.

80.    Celebrate.

81.    Further revise & implement outreach, engagement, & awareness strategies.

82.    Sell & license “movie”.

83.    Celebrate some more.

84.    Deliver “movie” to licensors.

85.    Further revise & implement outreach, engagement, & awareness strategies.

86.    Market some more.

87.    Screen, screen, screen.

88.    Publicize.

89.    Market some more.

90.    Distribute.

91.    Harvest, aggregate, & analyze, data.

92.    Ponder the big picture.

93.    Share the knowledge with the community.

94.    Win more awards.

95.    Collect profits.

96.    Share the wealth the partners.

97.    Ponder the big picture.

98.    Plan the next one.

99.    Do it all over again, but do it a little bit differently.


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