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Quick note on 27 Oct 2015

One of the things I am going to start doing here, is curate good reading material for you guys. There is so ,much information out there that it can be hard to filter through the noise.  One website you should be going to is Brainpickings.org. It is one of the smartest websites on the web, and is especially great for those who are in the creative fields and for those who look for a better and a better way of living.  It is such a good site that the Library of Congress archives Brainpickings’ post due to their cultural relevance.

As far as the film development goes I finished up the book Walking Prey by Holly Austin Smith and am about to finish up The Untold War by Nancy Sherman.  I also started reading a PDF by Shared Hope International on mirror sex trafficking. My goal is to get through that and finish 3 other books. One of the good things about my research is that now that I am working with the Veteran’s Mental Health Advocacy Council, all these books help me be a much better advocate because I am becoming much more knowledgeable on PTSD and Moral Injury.

I also have to find some time to paint; which is a time management issue. Which we all have.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arq4x4WDYvM   This really changed me.



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HepyKEd9Wqw&feature=youtu.be&utm_content=buffere173f&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer  How to create a great villain by the great folks at Film Courage.

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Hey new followers.

Hello to all my new followers.  I am Tim from Tampa , Fl. I am a filmmaker and creator of content, and multidisciplinary artist. I feel you shouldn’t limit yourself creatively, for it kills chances to create and make inroads with other creative people that will only make you better.  Creativity breeds more creativity.   Like the my blogs name indicates, this is my journey into film. As I learn I will share with you. I want to help others and by me sharing with you what I know, and by getting your feedback I too shall learn and grow. This is also my journey into my creative endeavors.

So about me, I am a retired United States Paratrooper who served in the 82nd Airborne Division. I was a team leader who who was heading to Special Forces and Ranger School until I broke my back on a jump in May 94. In filmmaking I am a producer, director, writer and act when asked. I am a natural born leader and I like having some control over the projects I am involved with; which is why I love producing.  I have a background in fine art photography and sculpting and when I realized that I was never going to go to film school I decided to just jump in and teach myself. Today there is so much information online and in books you can teach yourself.  I taught myself how to drive and swim, so filmmaking was no big deal.

My current projects are: developing a feature film dealing with sex trafficking and combat veteran issues, a series that I would like to shoot in Tampa, working with 2 talented artist that I plan to curate their shows. I also like writing about a wide range of topics: film and art, politics and social issues, and about my personal life just for fun.

The film I am developing on sex trafficking and combat veteran issues which are near and dear to my heart. This film idea started in 2011, when I decided I was going to take on the of sexual violence as a film.  I had seen the work of a friend who was a sexual violence advocate, and believed it was something I should make a a film about. I teamed up with the talented writer Semone Fournillier  and she produced a first draft of a script. Her screenplay dealt with rape, underage prostitution and pedophilia. I did a lot research on these subjects and gained a lot of knowledge about these various topics. While I was doing research, I got into a lot of trouble. I was trying to do the right thing and went completely about it the wrong way and so I am paying a price for my stupidity.  Still non the less, I am committed to doing a film on sexual violence, which has now evolved to sex trafficking; which I find to be the worst of all sexual violence acts. It is forced rape for profit, plan and simple.

Since I am veteran, veteran issues are near and dear to my heart. I’m making a film that deals with veterans who actually did the fighting and killing. Those are the guys I really care about. I found a way to discuss both topics in one film. My goals for this film are simple: I want to make a huge impact with this film. I want to open peoples eyes and educate them. Mu hope for this film is it makes a difference and make a change.

I am going to stay committed to this blog. Something I haven’t been in the past. Please share it with your friends and please give me feedback.




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So I recently went to see Curse Mackey speak at the Artist Alliance’s monthly meeting. He is truly an interesting guy. He started out as a DJ in San Antonino, TX then started to promote shows where he brought all the great Industrial bands there as well as the Beastie Boys.  He also was in a a band and toured with the band Pigface, which is one of my favorite bands. He also started to get into curating, and has been very successful at having shows that have toured around the world.

What really got me thinking was his curating career. Along time ago, before everything in my blew up, I really wanted to be a curator. I felt I could make a difference in the art world starting with Tampa.  But then, like I said, my life blew up. So now I find myself with an opportunity to become a curator if I take it.

As far as helping build the Tampa Bay area goes, I do think I can contribute to building up its community and furthering the conversation about art and what it means to have a sustainable art scene. Tampa, believe it or not, has a strong art community with many talented artist, curators and gallery owners, so I know I am not inventing the wheel in Tampa, but merely contributing to it. Which, after all, what we all should be doing.

So for the next year I am going to immerse myself into art, learning of to curate and building relationships with artist and gallery owners. This on top of my two film projects. And I am taking curating on because I don’t want to be a one trick pony. I like having different creative avenues to explore.  This is why I got back into painting, sculpting and photography. It also allows me to meet and create relationships with other creative people. Something I advise all filmmakers to do. Know other types of creative people from other disciplines. Get to know writers in your area. Go to as many art shows as you can.

Speaking of progress, I am deep into research. Today is Sunday and I am going to read all day starting with an interview of Melvin Van Pebbles in Bomb Magazine and then a book I am reading for my feature film. I give you updates on my progress. I will also be dedicating more time to writing in my blogs something I have been slacking at.

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