Film Screening 2016: The Long Night — Bluestocking Institute

The Blue Stocking Institute, in association with World Press Photo Perth, would like to invite you to a special film screening of the award-winning documentary: The Long Night Directed by Tim Matsui Saturday 22 October 2016 7-9pm Leederville, Perth, WA (location provided upon rsvp) The film is an exploration of sex trafficking and sex work […]

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Here are some pages you should check out 7 Oct 2016

Hey folks. How is your Friday? I hope you are ready for the weekend. So I have found some good webpages and YouTube videos to watch and read.

First up is from Stage32 on film marketing that every filmmaker should read:   Really good stuff.

Here is a site for women in film and TV:

Here is one on How to begin and end a film visually:

One that asks: what makes a great film: 

This site finds screenplays:

Dialogue in Film: How Should Characters Talk?

Advice to screenwriters


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The Reward of Taking Creative Risks — The B&E Podcast

We talk about “The Revenant” and how taking risks in art, even in a commercial industry, can be game changing. It might be scary and uncharted territory, but in the end you may just give people something they’ve never experienced before.

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TV Review: HBO’s ‘Insecure’ — Variety

I been waiting for this. Check out her web series AwkwardBlack Girl.

One of the chief joys of “Insecure” — HBO’s new half-hour comedy from the mind of co-creator, executive producer, and star Issa Rae — is listening to its characters talk. The dialogue of the show is a combination of cadence, vocabulary, and implication that is both brilliant and not-safe-for-work. In one scene, when Issa (Rae,……

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Adam Driver Waxes Poetic in ‘Paterson’ First Trailer — Variety

Adam Driver plays a bus driver and an aspiring poet named Paterson living in Paterson, N.J., in Jim Jarmusch’s aptly titled film “Paterson.” The poetic nature of it all isn’t lost on the movie’s characters … or its audience. The first trailer for the movie offers a two-minute-30-second look at Paterson’s humdrum daily routine, with a few……

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So I am back. I have taken long enough break from seriously concentrating on my work. Truth be know I took a break from it all.   This includes writing here on a consistent basis.  Now I am back in and I hope to build this blog and gain a reputation for a being one of the most informative film blogs on the internet.

So where am I in my film on sex trafficking and combat veteran issues that I am developing? Well I am in the middle of reading the book Girls Like Us by Rachel Lloyd. It is a great book on the subject of sex trafficking, giving both Lloyd’s own personal experience being trafficked,  and stories of girls she has worked with. I have to knock this  book out and start the next one. Off the top of my head I have about 11 books and countless articles to consume for this film and then I start writing.  Research is so important to me.  I feel I have to be an expert on the subject matter I am working on. Plus, I have to get it right in this film. The worst thing would be for someone come up to me and tell me my film got it wrong. I feel it would be a disservice to the subject if I get it wrong.  I want it to be as realistic and accurate possible in order to give the viewer an understanding the issues I am talking about in this film.  I also want to start a conversation in this country on sex trafficking and combat veteran issues. This is why I a filmmaker. It allows me to talk about subjects I feel are important, and allows me begin a conversation and I want to have with the viewer.

There is a lot of other things going on as well. I wrote about being the unit production manager for a short film.  Well I got taken off that project. I will get into that in the future. As they say ‘”all will be revealed.”  My partner Ken Anthony, AKA the hardest working man in the Tampa Bay area, is doing well. He acted in 2 different short films this weekend, and he and I will be getting together this week to discuss our projects.  We have a lot on our plate and I feel we have some special projects ahead.


Here are some links you should check out.

Women in Film from Stage 32

LA Film Festival Entry Info

7 Lies Film Distributors Like to Tell Filmmakers




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Box Office: ‘Suicide Squad’ Heads for Record-Breaking $145 Million Plus Opening Weekend — Variety

“Suicide Squad” is dominating the U.S. box office, heading for around $147 million in opening weekend ticket sales at 4,255 locations. The massive opening weekend numbers shatter the previous record for August openings set by “Guardians of the Galaxy” when it earned $94.3 million in 2014. The Warner Bros. tentpole is shaking up a summer of disappointing box office……

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