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2012 What to look forward to.

I am excited about the upcoming year.  I am soon to start my production company, due to the fact that I have projects that are in the works and I need to be incorporated.  I didn’t want to create my production company just yet, however I have to.

At the moment I am putting together a film seminar here in Tampa. I will have local film professionals come out and give a seminar on whatever topic they choose regrading film and the industry. I am currently in talks with a University to hold these seminar and hope to have the first Seminar soon.

I have two productions in the works. One is the Polytrauma documentary and the other is a feature about rape and sexual violence. I am currently looking for 2 PMD’s for these projects.

Finally I am writing a film program/competition. The reason behind it is to help filmmakers prepare for the new landscape. Film making has drastically changed and I think this program will help them.  I will be looking for sponsorship and experts to contribute.  This program will have an emphasis on marketing and distribution as well as crowd funding.

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