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13 Jun 14 real quick.

So I had said I was developing a short on sex slavery, now it is going to be the feature; which I wanted to do in the first place, but didn’t have the plot. The idea I had for the short is prefect for the feature.   I have already started  to write the tagline, outline, synopsis and soon treatment. As I progress I will let you know and down the road hit you up for money. Yes, I will need your help to get the film going financially.

Oh, it just occurred to me, I need a PMD Producer of Marketing and Distribution.  Contact me you are interested.

Hey hit me up if you want to ask any questions or thoughts

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You’re going to fail. Deal with it.


Yes, you are going to fail. And fail hard. I am going to fail, and fail hard. I am probably failing at grammar right now.  It is what you and I do with that failure is what is the difference between successful people and those who never rise above.  I have failed numerous times, yet here I am still working and moving forward. I have learned from those failures and make the best out of them.

If your parents never let you failed as a child they truly cheated you out of the best lesson they could given you.  If you are reading this, and you are reading and have kids, let them fail and fail hard.  Then turn around teach them that it it ok to fail. Teach them to get right back up, learn from their mistakes and try again but even harder. This, besides manners, is the greatest gifts you can give.

Here is the truth, I am a shitty ass artist. At least in my mind. Yet I am going back to making art once again. Hopefully I dig some of my work and maybe someone else will enjoy it, or at the very least, lie to me.  Yet I try and learn. One day I hope to make pieces that I will approve of and think it is good. As a filmmaker I have made numerous mistakes, but difference is I have learned from them, and it has made me a better filmmaker. I will fail again and again, and each time take that failure and grow.

Fail and fail hard. Then learn from it and go at  it again.





always try


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18 Sept 12

So today was kind of a bust. We were supposed to shoot our crowdfunding campaign pitch video however, we were going to shoot it outside and the weather did comply. This sets us back a few more days.  I just want to get going with this campaign. This being my first crowdfunding campaign, so  I am somewhat nervous and just want to get it going.  It is kind of like when you are hooked up waiting to jump out of a plane. You are nervous, somewhat scared, and you just want the light to turn green so you can get it over with.

I  have a list of stuff to accomplish.  I have to write out cast and crew, I have to write my self loathing bio,  I have to upload the new cut of the crowdfunding trailer which looks great. Jason Cote has done an amazing job, and I will post is here.  I have to work on setting up more interviews. Yes we had one yesterday.  Our first. It went well and I expect to do more.

Along with that I have to send off me notes to Semone Fournillier on her screenplay she is writing.  It is brilliant and is developing well. I have begun to talk to a director who I know and is an upcoming filmmaker.  I seem to surround myself with them.  One of which is my director for Grey Room Preston Walden, but most of the ones I know are not here in Tampa but around the country.  My goal is to catch up to them.  Big goal but what the hell.

Something to think about work

Work inspires inspiration. Keep working.

If you succeed, keep working.

If you fail, keep working.

If you’re interested, keep working.

If you’re bored, keep working.


Why I don’t do film competitions.

Here in my city, Tampa, Fl, there is the yearly competition in which you have to write, per-production, raise funds, audition, shoot, edit, and do post all in 30 days.   Sound fun right? Yes, if you are new to film or make films as a hobby. However, if you are serious about becoming a filmmaker and do it as a carer then this is  a complete waste of time. And here is why.

30 days to make a serious short film is just not enough time.  Will start with writing. You can bang out a script in a few days? It is done all the time, however you need to edit, rewrite and develop that script.  You need to take the time to develop the best script possible. You should also send it off to a script consultant and get their notes. I know many don’t but it is a good idea to do. This comes from people who do film making for a living.  That is a month you could have taken to develop that script.

Then comes funding raising. If you are fortunate enough to have the money sitting in the bank to shoot your film good for you. You are doing better than most.  It is true you could do a micro budget film, however it will show in the final product. Not to mention you can’t pay anyone who is working for  you.  Sure you could ask around for people to help out for free, and that seems to be a constant thing that happens in Tampa and something I will write about in the future, but are you going to get the best people who will do their best work? The best DP or editor, best lighting or sound? Just a question.  That 30 days could be used to raising capitol via Crowd funding and private investment.

Then comes pre-produciton.  Enough cannot be said about pre-producition. The more time you have to plan the better your odds are of making a successful film. Plan plan plan, is one of the biggest pieces of advice I get from successful filmmakers.  You need to take the time to think and plan out everything. That is a month that could be spent hashing out all the details.

Auditions. You should find the best actors you can find. You should take a thoughtful search for your talent. Sure you can go “hey you want to act in this thing I am doing?” and sure you might have some talented people come work for you. But don’t you think you would be better served if you took the time to look and hold auditions and find the best actors for those role.  Take the time to do rehearsals and table reads?

Post. Do you think you’ll have the best edit, color correction, sound and whatever visual effects and whatever else is needed in just a  week or two. Is it really the best cut you can have? Do you have time to test screen your film to get an audience feedback?

Lets be honest with ourselves, can we be doing something more productive with our time as filmmakers?  Do we want to be know as winners of local film competitions, or do we want to be know as filmmakers who are producing amazing content that is widely recognized.

Here is how I am spending this month: Producing a short film, developing a feature, assembling  a creative team, writing a business plan for my production, taking acting classes, working with another production company on a few of their projects, running PR and social media for the FMPTA and running a filmmakers speaking series.

Russell Hess said it best, “Lets have 48 hours career competition.” Let see where the people who are entering these contest are in 3 years.  I know where I want to be in 3 years and it is not wasting my time on silly little contests or projects.  There  was the NBC Film Festival that I wanted to enter and who’s deadline was 1 June.  By the time we got done with the 1st draft of the script we would have had 30 day to complete. I consulted with filmmakers with whom I respect and that are putting out amazing work. After their advoce I killed the production. I wouldn’t be able to produce the work to the standard that I have placed on myself.

I am sure I am going to hurt some peoples feeling and make a ton of new enemies. However I want to see Tampa Bay film grow, thrive and be taken seriously. That is why I wrote this. This why I go out of my way to help other people without asking for nothing in return. We have to live to a higher standard than what we have in the past.

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Update on feature.

As you know I am producing a feature film on sexual violence. My partner and the writer Semone Fournillier will be begin writing in April and end in June. She is using this script for her Masters class at UCLA, so by the time she is finished with the class we will have a very polished script.

Soon we will be having a production meeting with veteran Casting Director and film consultant Bobbi Hill. She is brings 30 years of experience to the table.  In addition,  Marilyn Bray who is our film and content consultant will be there.  I will keep you filled in on when and how the meeting went.

Also, if you are a survivor of sexual violence we would like to hear from you.  We want to keep this film as real as it can be. We don’t want to sugar coat sexual violence as it often has been. You can contact me at

Why am I telling you all this. Well for one I am telling you my journey into film. Thus the name.  Also, I am trying to build an audience  and  garner interest for our film. Risky? Maybe but I think it will pay off in the long run


FYI, I am  looking for a PMD. Producer of Marketing and Distribution.  I have 3 films that need a PMD. If you are interested please contact me.

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Tampa Filmmakers Speaker Series is set to go.

It brings me great joy to announce that the Tampa Bay Filmmakers speaking Series has a lock down date, time and speaker, as well as a name for it, “Filmmakers Speak”

It is being presented by The Florida Motion Picture and Television Association, FMPTA Tampa Bay Chapter, and I will be your host. It will be on Saturday, March 24th at  10 am  at Keiser University, 5225 Memorial Hwy Tampa Fl 33634   This event is free and open to the public and will be live streamed.

We are honored to have as our first speaker Russell Hess.
Here is what Russell will be covering.
Some very important questions answered:

1. Packaging, what is it, is it important and why?
2. I’ve written one or more scripts, now what should I do?
3. Why can’t I raise money for my project?
4. Why you should NEVER lower your budget in an attempt to obtain production capital!
5. Can I arrange for a pre-distribution deal?
6. Is it possible to get movie stars in my film or documentary?
7. How will I know if my film can even qualify for a distribution deal?
(and when should I know this?)
8. What is the best kind of distribution deal to get and how soon can I get it?
9.Why do my films never get off the ground, completed, sold distributed
or make any money? (the answer is more simple than you think)
10. How can I have a better chance at getting into a film festival?
11. Which festivals are the best for my film?
12. Which distributors are the best for my film?
13. How can I create a “product” that will have distributors coming to ME?
Russell Hess has been in entertainment for over 25 years. From actor to producer and from sales agent to distributor, Hess has been responsible for independent film releases world-wide. The indie doc, “inGREEDients” helmed by Russell Hess saw a global release in over 70 countries and in 3 languages. Hess and his partners have developed a proprietary IPTV player similar to Netflix and Hulu. The platform will be for independent content only (for now). The big companies are already making the shift from DVD/BluRay and Hess’ company, Commodity Films, LLC is already moving in this direction.

Hess has connections with major and medium-sized companies and partners in various parts of the world for the releasing of any kind of title. Commodity Films operates an “all-digital” process from screening to release. The inventor of the IPTV player arranged a deal with Facebook so the titles can be viewed (and monetized) on the largest social network on the planet.

Executive Produced/Produced/Co-Produced nine successful feature films
• Co-Produced two Documentary films
• Designed and developed world-wide distribution models for documentary films
• Develops independent feature films from concept to release
• Forms strategic partnerships to create financially viable projects
• Creative visionary, show business consultant, innovator and inventor

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