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Sex Trafficking Documentary.

Rebecca Dharmapalan and Zoë Simone are filmmakers from Oakland California who have made a short documentary called International Boulevard, which is about child sex trafficking in the Oakland area. It won first place at the 2013 Girls Impact the World Film Festival. It is a damn good short documentary, and I strongly recommend that you take the time to watch it.

I am happy to see that these women have taken on this subject. It is epidemic in this country. Girls 10 and younger are subjected to become prostitutes, though the average age is between 12 and 14. The sad part is that it is in your backyard. I live in Tampa, Fl which has the highest rate of child prostitution in the State. Fortunately, we have safe harbor laws that recognizes that child prostitutes are not criminals but victims and are treated as such. I’ll get into that more.

I am taking on this subject in the feature film I am developing. My goal is to make an impact and show the brutal realities of sex trafficking. Right now I am doing research for it, and am in the middle on Holly Austin Smith’s book Walking Prey, How America’s youth are vulnerable to sex slavery. It is a powerful and insightful book that I suggest you read. It will open your eyes.

They are also in the process of making a feature film. They have started a Indiegogo campaign to try to raise money for it, so let’s help them out in this.  Click here for to go their Indiegogo page.




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South Sudan Documentary

In case you haven’t heard I am doing a full length documentary on South Sudan.  This project fell into my lap about a month, month and a half ago. A friend of mine has been working on something called the Jonglei Peace Initiative which had ended years of ethnic civil war in the state of Jonglei, South Sudan and will bring development to the region and a plan for the rest of South Sudan.  JPI was started by the Diaspora of South Sudan who live here in the United States and Canada.  These men are also known as the Lost Boys of South Sudan and  much has been written about them as well as a documentary done on them.

My documentary will cover many topics: JPI, which is a very important issue to South Sudan’s future,  the tensions between South Sudan and Sudan, which could lead to full scale war, women’s right, freedom if the press, development and education, the rebel leader David Yau Yau and his tyranny and the how does a young democracy survive and grow. I am sure there is more to talk about. Through my research I have become very interested in this project. I and my crew get to document the history of a young  country as it too experiments with democratic rule.

The first leg if this journey is to get to Washington D.C. at the end of March for a conference that is being held with the leaders of JPI and the Vice President of South Sudan.  Then we have to plan our first trip to South Sudan. I am now looking to get this funded. That is the big part now, getting it funded. Where that is going to come from I do not know but I am confident it will come.

My crew; I do have one.  I have Brandon Hyde as our Cinematographer, Tony Tartaglia as our sound guy and William, Billy, Wright as our go to guy for whatever it is we need at that moment.  Tony, Billy and myself have served in the Army. Tony was in Vietnam, Billy in Iraq and me in the 82nd Airborne.  So we have that covered.

I will be writing a lot about this documentary and would love here hear what you have to say and please spread the word. We need to bring awareness of this film and I need your help to do that. Thanks




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New Project

I have a good news: I am teaming up with filmmaker Alex Alvarez on his documentary about Non Racist Skinheads from the Twin cities of Minneapolis and St Paul, Minnesota.  This project will be near and dear to my heart for a Couple reasons. One, I being a punker, and I used to hang out with the Chapel Hill Boot Crew; a non racist skinhead group out of Chapel Hill, NC.   Another reason is, I too used to fight Nazi skins.  If you were in the punk rock scene back in the day, you would have to at some point have deal with Nazi’ skins; I just happened to deal with them with extreme prejudice.

Alex has shot  a lot of this doc and we are now talking about what we need to do to finish this film. I do know that we will be crowdfunding and will need your support.  This is going to be an amazing documentary and  Alex and I are going to come up with a marketing and film festival strategy.  There are tons of details that we have to go over and lots to discuss, but  I am confident that when it is said and done we are going to have a damn good film.

I am blessed and lucky to have good work coming my way. I am working with talented filmmakers and am building up a group of talented people to work with.  Florida film has a LOOOOOONG way to go, and it is going to take talented and fearless filmmakers to get us there; however  I am confident that we can get there and earn respect of our peers from around the country.  I know that some toes will be stepped on and some egos crushed, but that is what it is going to take to get Tampa and Florida recognized as a place for amazing and fearless cinema.


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Tampa Filmmakers Speaker Series is set to go.

It brings me great joy to announce that the Tampa Bay Filmmakers speaking Series has a lock down date, time and speaker, as well as a name for it, “Filmmakers Speak”

It is being presented by The Florida Motion Picture and Television Association, FMPTA Tampa Bay Chapter, and I will be your host. It will be on Saturday, March 24th at  10 am  at Keiser University, 5225 Memorial Hwy Tampa Fl 33634   This event is free and open to the public and will be live streamed.

We are honored to have as our first speaker Russell Hess.
Here is what Russell will be covering.
Some very important questions answered:

1. Packaging, what is it, is it important and why?
2. I’ve written one or more scripts, now what should I do?
3. Why can’t I raise money for my project?
4. Why you should NEVER lower your budget in an attempt to obtain production capital!
5. Can I arrange for a pre-distribution deal?
6. Is it possible to get movie stars in my film or documentary?
7. How will I know if my film can even qualify for a distribution deal?
(and when should I know this?)
8. What is the best kind of distribution deal to get and how soon can I get it?
9.Why do my films never get off the ground, completed, sold distributed
or make any money? (the answer is more simple than you think)
10. How can I have a better chance at getting into a film festival?
11. Which festivals are the best for my film?
12. Which distributors are the best for my film?
13. How can I create a “product” that will have distributors coming to ME?
Russell Hess has been in entertainment for over 25 years. From actor to producer and from sales agent to distributor, Hess has been responsible for independent film releases world-wide. The indie doc, “inGREEDients” helmed by Russell Hess saw a global release in over 70 countries and in 3 languages. Hess and his partners have developed a proprietary IPTV player similar to Netflix and Hulu. The platform will be for independent content only (for now). The big companies are already making the shift from DVD/BluRay and Hess’ company, Commodity Films, LLC is already moving in this direction.

Hess has connections with major and medium-sized companies and partners in various parts of the world for the releasing of any kind of title. Commodity Films operates an “all-digital” process from screening to release. The inventor of the IPTV player arranged a deal with Facebook so the titles can be viewed (and monetized) on the largest social network on the planet.

Executive Produced/Produced/Co-Produced nine successful feature films
• Co-Produced two Documentary films
• Designed and developed world-wide distribution models for documentary films
• Develops independent feature films from concept to release
• Forms strategic partnerships to create financially viable projects
• Creative visionary, show business consultant, innovator and inventor

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Need you suggestions

Hey all crowd sourcing time. I am trying to come with a name for the Filmmakers speaker series.  This will be a monthly engagement by local professional filmmakers covering a wide range of topics. Please send me suggestions.

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Update on Film Speaker Seminar

Ok well here is a bit of good news. Keiser University is allowing me to use their campus to hold the film speaker seminar. I have some really good people lined up and will be announcing the first date soon. It is my hope to help the Bay area’s film community become stronger and better equipped with knowledge and the tools to be successful.

I plan to hold them once a month. They will be about 2 hours with a 10 minute break.  I am still working on details.

Also if you would like to be a sponsor please contact me at timschroyer@gmail. com



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2012 What to look forward to.

I am excited about the upcoming year.  I am soon to start my production company, due to the fact that I have projects that are in the works and I need to be incorporated.  I didn’t want to create my production company just yet, however I have to.

At the moment I am putting together a film seminar here in Tampa. I will have local film professionals come out and give a seminar on whatever topic they choose regrading film and the industry. I am currently in talks with a University to hold these seminar and hope to have the first Seminar soon.

I have two productions in the works. One is the Polytrauma documentary and the other is a feature about rape and sexual violence. I am currently looking for 2 PMD’s for these projects.

Finally I am writing a film program/competition. The reason behind it is to help filmmakers prepare for the new landscape. Film making has drastically changed and I think this program will help them.  I will be looking for sponsorship and experts to contribute.  This program will have an emphasis on marketing and distribution as well as crowd funding.

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