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Sex Trafficking Documentary.

Rebecca Dharmapalan and Zoë Simone are filmmakers from Oakland California who have made a short documentary called International Boulevard, which is about child sex trafficking in the Oakland area. It won first place at the 2013 Girls Impact the World Film Festival. It is a damn good short documentary, and I strongly recommend that you take the time to watch it.

I am happy to see that these women have taken on this subject. It is epidemic in this country. Girls 10 and younger are subjected to become prostitutes, though the average age is between 12 and 14. The sad part is that it is in your backyard. I live in Tampa, Fl which has the highest rate of child prostitution in the State. Fortunately, we have safe harbor laws that recognizes that child prostitutes are not criminals but victims and are treated as such. I’ll get into that more.

I am taking on this subject in the feature film I am developing. My goal is to make an impact and show the brutal realities of sex trafficking. Right now I am doing research for it, and am in the middle on Holly Austin Smith’s book Walking Prey, How America’s youth are vulnerable to sex slavery. It is a powerful and insightful book that I suggest you read. It will open your eyes.

They are also in the process of making a feature film. They have started a Indiegogo campaign to try to raise money for it, so let’s help them out in this.  Click here for to go their Indiegogo page.




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2 hours of crowdfunding advice from Film Courage.

Hey all, If you want or need advice on how to have a successful crowdfunding campaign here is a 2 hour video presented by Film Courage.  I think you’ll get a lot out of it.


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Crowd Funding Advice.

From the founder of Seed&Spark CEO Emily Best Via Film Courage.

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Update on Sex Slavery film 25 June 14

I just wanted to update on the short I am doing on sex slavery, I have decided I need this to be a feature length film. As many know I have been working on this film for 2011, and ooohh there is a lot to the development story of this film which will come out soon, but I was really struggling with the basic plot of my film, and then, after having a conversation with a Tampa filmmaker Marcus Kempton, the plot came to me.  At first it was a short, but the deeper I got into the process the more clearer it became that this needs to be a feature. In this film, I am also going to get into the subject of what it means to be a soldier that, did multiple tours in combat, what it is like to adjust to civilian life.  I almost have tagline done, and I am outlining and writing the synopsis.   I am really excited.


I am reading Dexter Filkins’ book “The Forever War” as part of my research for my series. I am looking into what I need for Pitchfest out in LA.  Hopefully I can get what I need to go and get sponsorship.  I can’t can’t afford to go. And hey, I know it is a long shot that this will make it to a Network., but I got to try and see what can happen.  I already have support in my community and people that I trust.   Really Excited


I have forgotten about the crowdfunding site  I think you should look into, and, I will write about it in the next few days.

As always, feel free to contact me.



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13 Jun 14 real quick.

So I had said I was developing a short on sex slavery, now it is going to be the feature; which I wanted to do in the first place, but didn’t have the plot. The idea I had for the short is prefect for the feature.   I have already started  to write the tagline, outline, synopsis and soon treatment. As I progress I will let you know and down the road hit you up for money. Yes, I will need your help to get the film going financially.

Oh, it just occurred to me, I need a PMD Producer of Marketing and Distribution.  Contact me you are interested.

Hey hit me up if you want to ask any questions or thoughts

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11 Jun 14

So just to give you all an update about what is going on with me, I have started an outline on my short film about forced prostitution and I am writing character development and back story. I want to have a finally draft in less than 2 months and I am going to have the outline done this week.  I think I have a good film in the works and I  hope , when it is done, you’ll all enjoy it and not feel cheated out of 15 to 20 minutes of your life. I also want to make an impact regarding this topic and to bring awareness to it. I know around my neck woods you are constantly being cheated out of 10 to 25 minutes of your life and I will not follow in the same footsteps.   There is the standard that it has to be maintained  or why put it out. The story has to be spot on, other wise you’ll have a bad film. Remember, script is 75% of your film. Shitty script shitty film. There is no way about squaring that circle.   I haven’t given up on the series. I am still working on it, though I have fallen behind of  the 8 ball but will soon be back on track.

I got my porch/studio set up. I will have some pictures in the day or two. I am ready to go. I plan to have a show in 6 to 8 months.  Now where and who in God’s name would have me in their is remains to be seen.  Once again, if it not good and I will not waste your time; however that being said, I believe I will have something worth showing.

Finally, Semone Fournillier graduated from American Film Institute Conservatory today. As those who follow me know that I have been working with her a project and might be working on a couple more. She is a talented writer and has a amazing future ahead. I am so very proud of her and what she has accomplished.

Oh, in the next day or two I will be writing about a new crowdfunding site.  I think you’ll dig it a lot.

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Quick update, 1 June 14. 2:14 am

Ok, so I was asked to join and produce a project; which I had strong reservations about doing.  I am not going to go into the details, but I saw huge red flags go up and now have decided to be a consultant rather than a producer. However, good news, through that process I came up with a film idea for a short film regarding the sex trade; which, as some of you know, I have been developing for a feature film.  Yes, it is heavy subject, but it is something I feel passionately about.  So I will be writing and directing it.  I will need your help to get it made.  I will need you to spread the word about it and when the time comes, need you to kick in some money.

On the other fronts of my lackluster attempts at being an artist, I bought 4 lbs of wheat paste so that I can start working on mixed medium pieces. Also got 3 tubes of paint: black, white and red.  I am talking to some editors to edit Jamie Lowe’s”De Flip Side” and I just got a copy from Jonny Cromwell  book, “82 Days”; which I am going to start reading and strategizing for a release. And of course I have the series that I am developing. Which is an intensive endevour.

I also want you to check out this new crowdfunding site I am going to do a review on it this week, and they seem like really cool people that you should look up on Twitter and Facebook and say hi. They are really nice people.

If there is anything you want to discuss hit me up. I would love to hear back from you all.



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