A must read is you are thinking about or just want to know what a producer does.

I just came across this page  that explains what a producer does and what kind of producers there are. THE FILM PRODUCER

It is 8 pages long and I strongly recommend that, if you are thinking about becoming or are a producer you should read this.

Also I want to suggest you, all who are filmmakers, READ about the craft. I know so many people who don’t even one a book on filmmaking yet there they are trying to make films and do a great job at doing a terrible job.  I once worked with a guy who would tell everyone how one day he wanted to become a producer even though he knew nothing about it. He did not  invested in any books and just read the mainstream Hollywood rags.  I have invested hundreds of dollars buying books on filmmaking. I now have  a library. You too can build up a library and you can do it cheaply! I would first start out by going to Thriftbooks.com. This is a great site to buy discount books; in addition to being cheap, there is no shipping cost.  And read on everything. Get books on film theory. I found a book on The Philosophy of Film Noir.  Really interesting and informative.

You must be the smartest guy in the room. It is not who you know but what you know. I say this because if you are not knowledgeable those who you really want to be in contact with won’t give you the time of day. People are attracted to smart and knowledgeable people. Take time to think about that.  I tell you this because I want you to all succeed. I am rooting for you and want you to be the best filmmaker and artist you can be. If you are a painter or sculpture for instance, be well versed in art. You’ll grow as an artist.

Here is another website to a magazine I strongly suggest you read, it is called Bomb Magazine. It is a magazine dedicated to artist, filmmakers, writers, actors and musicians. The difference between Bomb and other magazines is, it is artist interviewing other artist, so, you get a much deeper perspective. I have been reading since I was in the 82nd. I have subscribed for years. Which reminds me, I have to renew.

Ok, i hope you got something from this.  If you have any thoughts questions or suggestion please hit me

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