Things that are in the works 22 May 14

So it occurred to me yesterday while driving, I haven’t written what my series is about as far as a treatment or synopsis. You would think it would be obvious, however everything has been in my head and I have been doing research for it.   I have talked and bounced off ideas with trusted people. I found someone who will be responsible for music. Constantly working things out in my head and taking notes, but never wrote the thing out.  So I am going to be writing the synopsis and treatment. Now this is terrifying for me and here is why. I have always ran away from writing even though I am a writer at heart. So I am crash coursing it and will tell you what I learned.  I also have to crash course into screen writing. Something I have been very intimidated by, which is is why I have found screenwriters instead of writing it myself. With this project I have to write it, at least at the beginning, because there is a certain theme and tone I am trying to convey.

So what else I am doing? I am working with an author who has put out a book that I am going to have edited and then release it. I also am looking into a film which I will produce. I have always wanted to be a publisher and here is my chance. I am currently looking for a editor so if you are an editor please contact me.  I think it is a great opportunity to become an independent publisher and a great way to put out great literature and non fiction publications.

So is there anything you guys want me to talk about? Write me and let me know. I would love to look into something for you. Oh, one more thing, I am going to be writing about subjects other than film here like the creative endeavors that I am taking on. I am going to start making artworks again as well as to get into photography which is what I started doing in 97.  I started studying fine art photography in the summer of 97. After that I got into sculpting and painting. I really enjoyed doing that and have been wanting to get back into.  I think you should always be moving and creating. For me there is so much out there to get into:  Art, film, writing, theater, and whatever. It is exciting.  Why should you limit yourself.  I am a filmmaker and creator of content.  To me having no limits on what I can do makes the most sense to me.  I say go out and try different things and see which one sticks.


Til next time.

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