So here is what’s coming up

So I am developing a series that is to be shot here in the Tampa Bay Area. My plan is to shop it to networks and if that doesn’t happen then I will turn it into a web series. I have shared t the idea to some people and I have gotten a lot of good feed back. I have a ton of research and work to do but it is very exciting for me. The series will have many niche  groups and will be substantive as you might except from me.  I love a ton of books to read and the list gets longer. Plus, I read slow so yay for me.  I believe many will groups will enjoy the series while others will hate it. But I have a lot of things to say and it will be honest.

So as for the film on sexual violence and sex trafficking, it is on hold while Semone is off studying at the American Film Institute Conservatory. I am starting to talk about these issues in my blog Notes From Outpost 187. Doing this I raise awareness to the subject and build an audience for the film. An Audience that will be with me through funding,  production and release. I am talking on a very serious subject, and making the film and getting it distributed will be a challenge, so I need to start working on building an audience now. Not to mention, I might be able to find people who will back the film financially.

So I have a stack of films I need to watch. I have 9 films from the library and I haven’t gotten to any of them. I have a bunch from Akira Kurosawa who is my favorite director. I am hoping to knock out as many I as I can this weekend and throughout next week. We will see.

I also am going to be diving into writing. It is something that I should have been doing years ago. I will be, of course, writing here but in my other blogs.  I feel I need to be a writer first and for most. Yes, this means I have to get good at it; as well as my grammar, which I know is lacking. And that is being very kind to myself.

Ok so you all have a great weekend.

Peace, Love and Nappiness




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