Why I am doing five shorts this year.

Last Night a colleague of mine, Ron Borders  asked me “Instead of doing 5 shorts why not just do a feature?”  Which is a valid question, which deserves good answer.  First off I have never been to film school, so I do not have the experience of producing and making films that one who went to film school has.   For me it has all been OJT, reading and a lot of listening.  So for me, this is like a year of film school with 5 thesis projects plus a full length documentary on South Sudan.  I will make a lot of mistakes, learn a lot and at the end have a body of work to go off of.  So with that I will have a body of work that I can say to an investor “Here is what I have done, these are the awards I have gotten and yes I seem to know what I am doing. Please trust me with your money.” Also I have to think 5, 10 years down the road. What I mean is that with this year of short films it is a building block to the next level, which if you know me is all the above.  I want to produce and direct in whatever medium I can, meaning Film, TV, Web, Theater, Graphic Novel or in whatever it is.

Yes I have bitten off more than you or I can chew, but I do it knowing I can do it somehow.  I have a company I know I can grow. I have a vision for what I want kinds of material I want to produce and what kinds of people I want to work with.  I also want to be able to help other artist and filmmakers. Right now I am in Tampa and I want to help change the culture of film into something that is well respected and received.   So yes this is the year of short films but it is with a purpose.


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