Grey Room Crowdfunding Party is 1 day away,

That is right,  tomorrow is the  Grey Room Crowdfunding Kickoff Party.  We will begin our Indiegogo campaign and you are invited.

We are having out party at The Hub. 719 N Franklin St, Tampa, Fl,  which is the greatest bar, like a real bar, in the world.  Be aware that there drinks are very strong so do not slam them.  Anyways, We are having this party to A. Bring attention to our Crowdfunding campaign B. To just give people a reason to have a good time and to bring closer our community and C. To bring attention to ourselves and build our audience and build our Brand.

We will have have the cast and crew of Grey Room: Linda Roser, John O’Keef, Leon Salem  Kathrine Michelle. Lydia Edwards, Jeannine Fiallo, Brandon Hyde,  Tony Tartaglia, Lakiasha Olds, William Wright.  They are great people who work very hard and are talented .  We will be showing our out Pitch video and trailer.

Please come out. This is our first event  and we will more.  I like getting together and hanging out with good people like you.

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