Objectives for the year.

I recently wrote a post for the Slate; which is a online publication for the Tampa Bay Chapter of the Florida Motion Picture & Television Association which I am a board member of.  I thought long a hard as to what I wanted to do as a board member and as a filmmaker in Tampa, Fl.  I feel it is my responsibility to my community to help advance it,  make it better and stronger.  Here is that post.

“I want to thanks those who had voted for me this year. Yay. I have given much thought to want I want to do this upcoming year.  I feel that we have much to do in order for the Tampa Bay film to be taken seriously in the film world; meaning the real film world.  I want to do my part to help us to get to that level by being proactive.  So I have identified areas that I feel will get us there.  These are projects and agendas that I personally want to work on. I believe my projects will benefit the FMPTA.

1. I want identify talented independent filmmakers that are bold, creative, fearless and take their filmmaking careers seriously. We need to find Producers, Directors, Cinematographers and Editors that have a vision and the work ethic to obtain their goals. That they understand how the world of filmmaking is changing and are willing to change with it.

2. The filmmaking paradigm has changed.  Filmmaking is changing and no one one knows where it will wind up. For those follow me and pay attention to my post understand that what worked 5 to 10 years ago does not work now. The way we consume film, engage with our audience and raise money for our films have changed. We now live in a transmedia world where we tell and sell our stories on multiple platforms. Today filmmaker have to take responsibility for engaging their audience as well as your marketing and distribution andI want to help them do that.

3.  I see a the need for acting classes sponsored by the FMPTA; seminars and workshops by renowned filmmakers; and writers, artist, photographers and other kind of creative people. It is important that filmmakers engage with other type creative people. I am already working on this now, and will have some things coming.

4. I  am going to  reach out and get businesses to be involved with our organization. Whether  it be through a business membership or as a merchant partners. I think this would be a great benefit to our organization and members.  We must expand our brand.”

I am doing this because I want to be apart of a movement in this area.  A movement of talented, fearless visionaries that take the art of filmmaking seriously.  People who see and understand the future of filmmaking and story telling.  People who want to be taken seriously in the world of film.





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  1. Everything is very open with a very clear description of
    the issues. It was really informative. Your website is very useful.
    Thanks for sharing!

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