New Project

I have a good news: I am teaming up with filmmaker Alex Alvarez on his documentary about Non Racist Skinheads from the Twin cities of Minneapolis and St Paul, Minnesota.  This project will be near and dear to my heart for a Couple reasons. One, I being a punker, and I used to hang out with the Chapel Hill Boot Crew; a non racist skinhead group out of Chapel Hill, NC.   Another reason is, I too used to fight Nazi skins.  If you were in the punk rock scene back in the day, you would have to at some point have deal with Nazi’ skins; I just happened to deal with them with extreme prejudice.

Alex has shot  a lot of this doc and we are now talking about what we need to do to finish this film. I do know that we will be crowdfunding and will need your support.  This is going to be an amazing documentary and  Alex and I are going to come up with a marketing and film festival strategy.  There are tons of details that we have to go over and lots to discuss, but  I am confident that when it is said and done we are going to have a damn good film.

I am blessed and lucky to have good work coming my way. I am working with talented filmmakers and am building up a group of talented people to work with.  Florida film has a LOOOOOONG way to go, and it is going to take talented and fearless filmmakers to get us there; however  I am confident that we can get there and earn respect of our peers from around the country.  I know that some toes will be stepped on and some egos crushed, but that is what it is going to take to get Tampa and Florida recognized as a place for amazing and fearless cinema.


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  1. jackson says:

    All the best Tim..

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