Big road ahead

This week has been the week of meetings.  Note to yourself, do them with people you enjoy being around. Makes it fun.

So I have a ton of work and am trying to figure out where and how to start.  I have a ton of research to do on a subject for a film I am producing.  I am teaching myself how to write a business plan so that I can write one for my production company as well as one for a film I am producing.  I need to start  searching for talent and a director for that film I need to write a business plan for;  and as soon as I have said business plan, talent and director I then need to go in search of the almighty investor.

Along with that, I have to do preproduction for a doc I am producing as well as do some social media for Grey Room.  Do not forget we will begin Crowdfunding for it in February.  I also have to come up with an article I need to write for the FMPTA news letter The Slate. Any suggestions? God knows I could use some. Also, if you want me to write about something please feel free to make suggestions. It would benefit me because I would have to go and research the topic.

Also,  with that I am running for Vice President For the Florida Motion Picture & Television Association Tampa Bay Chapter. FMPTA. If you are a member please vote for me. I will be writing as to why you should vote for me.

This is where I need to learn how to plan and organize my tasks. I am starting to learn about strategic planning, something that I think  you should learn if you are to be successful at filmmaking. There are proven tools that work and should be applied to your filmmaking skills.





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