16 October 2012 Grey Room

Hello all,

I have some news about Grey Room.  As you may or not know we have had some problems getting our crowdfunding pitch video done. We have had audio issues with the first 3 attempts and finally yesterday we shot our 4th pitch and I know we got it. I will write more in detail about that however I, as the producer, take full responsibility for the delays and the pushing back of the dates.

Here is what is happening, we are pushing the crowdfunding campaign to 15 February 2013 and we begin shooting 13 April;  and here is why, we would have the pitch edited by Friday and then, depending if we need more editing, we would start next week.  Add 45 days of crowdfunding and that would bring us to the beginning of December; then 2 weeks of final per-production and then we would shoot. In the middle of December, and as you know Florida winters are unpredictable; it could be amazing gorgeous or it could be brutally cold.  We have a pool scene and we do not want our actresses freezing their asses off and possibly getting sick. It is just not worth it.  So what we have decided to push it back. However, this in many ways this is good; by the time the film is finished it will be time to be submitting film into the major film festivals.  Which is where we want to put Grey Room.




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