Awesome Asian Bad Guys

The other day I was bungee jumping  with a group people, with whom I did not know, and the statement was made that “You never see enough Awesome Asian Bad Guys.”; and they couldn’t be more correct.  We as a society and as a Republic we need more Awesome Asian Bad Guys.  Don’t you think? It would have been refreshing to have heard at least 5 minutes of the Presidential Debates dedicated to how the two candidates would bring to our country more Awesome Asian Bad Guys; however they did not.  But as fate would have it the guys from the National Film Society are doing just that.

Stephen Dypiango and Patrick Epino have developed a 5 episode series  about two filmmaker who ensemble a team of Asian bad guy actors who set off to take down one of LA’s most nefarious mobsters.  This of course will lead to great fun; if you’ve watched any of Stephens and Patrick’s National Film Society youtube post, then you know just how funny and creative these guys are. Plus,  they are some of the most passionate filmmakers that are out there.

They have assembled some great talent: Al Leong who was in Die Hard, Lethal Weapon and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure; Yuji Okumoto who you seen in Karate Kid 2, Better Off Dead and Inception; The Lovely Tamlyn Tomita who was in Karate Kid 2, Joy Luck Club and Glee; Randell Park who was in The Five year Engagement, and last but not least Aaron Takahashi who you’ve seen in a ton of commercials.

Stephen Dypiangco (@dypiangco) – Creator / Director
Stephen is an independent filmmaker who writes, directs and produces narrative films, documentaries and online videos. His new media production company the National Film Society has been featured by PBS, Filmmaker Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, GigaOM and Indiewire. As a Producer of Marketing and Distribution, Stephen’s recent projects include the Oscar-winning short film God of Love and the feature documentary How To Live Forever. Stephen is an alum of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and NYU’s graduate film program.

Patrick Epino (@patrickepino) – Creator / Director
Patrick is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker and co-founder of the National Film Society. He was selected by the film magazine, The Independent, as one of its “10 Filmmakers to Watch” for his first feature film, Mr. Sadman, starring Scoot McNairy and Tim Kang, about a 1990 Saddam Hussein double who loses his job and moves to Los Angeles to start his life over. Patrick is a graduate of the University of Chicago, earned his MFA in Cinema from San Francisco State University and is an alumnus of the IFP Narrative Labs and Film Independent’s Project:Involve.

Yes, I totally copied and pasted that.  Sue me.

Now, Stephen and Patrick have only 3 days left to raise around 16,00 dollars, and they need your help.  To make all this a reality they need you t go to their Crowdfunding Campaign page and donate. They have a lot of really great premiums as thank you gifts and the full list of all the talented people that they have on this project. Also, they have a lot of entertaining videos there too.  Seriously do yourself a favor and look Nation Film Society on youtube.  Brilliant stuff there.

Also you can help by spreading the word;  tell all your friends by posting this blog and their kickstater page on all your social media outlits.  And if you support them I will save a gorilla in the wild,  and if you don’t I will kill one.  It is true, I will.

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