18 Sept 12

So today was kind of a bust. We were supposed to shoot our crowdfunding campaign pitch video however, we were going to shoot it outside and the weather did comply. This sets us back a few more days.  I just want to get going with this campaign. This being my first crowdfunding campaign, so  I am somewhat nervous and just want to get it going.  It is kind of like when you are hooked up waiting to jump out of a plane. You are nervous, somewhat scared, and you just want the light to turn green so you can get it over with.

I  have a list of stuff to accomplish.  I have to write out cast and crew, I have to write my self loathing bio,  I have to upload the new cut of the crowdfunding trailer which looks great. Jason Cote has done an amazing job, and I will post is here.  I have to work on setting up more interviews. Yes we had one yesterday.  Our first. It went well and I expect to do more.

Along with that I have to send off me notes to Semone Fournillier on her screenplay she is writing.  It is brilliant and is developing well. I have begun to talk to a director who I know and is an upcoming filmmaker.  I seem to surround myself with them.  One of which is my director for Grey Room Preston Walden, but most of the ones I know are not here in Tampa but around the country.  My goal is to catch up to them.  Big goal but what the hell.


One thought on “18 Sept 12

  1. Tim Schroyer says:

    It was a great article that I had to share with my readers. I am here to serve them, so any time I find something that I think will broaden their scope of thinking I try to post it. Keep up the writing and the great work.

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