Notes from the Grey Room 2

Hey guys. Sorry for not blogging for so long. I apologize for that.  Avoidance seems to effect me from time to time.

Ok so, here is what is going on. We shot the trailer, for the second time, and have it edited, scored and ready to go.  I am debating to show it here now or what until the crowd funding campaign.  We had a great time shooting it and I am pleased how well everyone gets along. It makes life so much easier when the troops are having fun and enjoying each others company.

Some great news about our 1st AD Semone Founillier. She was excepted into AFI”s Conservatory program for writing in California for her Masters. She is there now and will be flying back to Tampa to 1st AD Grey Room. If you remember, she is writing the film on rape for me. I have read what she has so far and it is amazing.   So we are extremely proud of her.

I am happy to announce our new Script Supervisor Mike Rembis.  He brings to our team a lot of experience and is taking care of our shooting schedule. Which takes a big load off my shoulders.  We have a great plan set up and it will allow us to shoot very efficiently.  We have a lot to cover in this film so we need to have a clear strategy to shoot it.  According to  Mike we can shoot this in 35 hours.  I think that is a great and doable  goal.

So now I am concentrating on Pre production and am beginning to research contracts. Yes we are doing contracts for a couple of reasons. One to protect all parties but also to get some experience in dealing with them.  I never have had to so this is a great opportunity for me.  I have one with Jason Cote.  We signed it at the Grey Room Party.

Oh Speaking of Jason, He just arrived to his new home town, LA. Yes he has moved to Hollywood to take his career as an editor to a professional level. Not saying you can’t do that here in Florida, but you can’t do that here in Florida.  It’s Florida.

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3 thoughts on “Notes from the Grey Room 2

  1. judegarrison says:

    Here’s my thought. Just to toss it out there. I often find myself wanting to share something…a brilliant idea….a transformation (of sorts)…a progression of characters or a scene that just illuminates my mind. Sometimes it is indeed brilliant. Sometimes it indeed works. But, all too often, it can be shot down with a single negative word. And scads of brilliant ideas get lost in the mix. Hope this makes sense.

    • Tim Schroyer says:

      I hear what you are saying. However, you can’t let your ideas be shot down so easily. You will have brilliant ideas and a lot of really bad ones.
      We all do, however the trick is to find a group of talented, intelligent and honest people you can trust. Find people who are not negative people but supportive. Allow them to give their opinion and take suggestions.

  2. Tim Schroyer says:

    True. However I am working with people who’s agenda is to be successful filmmakers. They love what they do, they are highly intelligent and passionate. I am blessed.

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