Lessons Learned.

So I am producing the short film Grey Room.  What I am learning is that setbacks happen. How you react to those set backs is what makes the difference.  We have had to push back dates, loose our lead actress and many other little things that would drive you mad.

However, here is the difference, how you respond to these set backs makes the difference. We just lost our lead actress. The trailer we has shot for our crowdfunding campaign is no good because of her loss, and we will have to re-shoot it when we find a new lead. Not a problem, we immediately started looking for a new lead actress, told our people what happened and pushed back shooting. No time to get pissy about. Way to much work to be done.

Our Launch party is still a go. We were going to kick off our crowdfunding campaign, instead we are turning this into opportunity to network, get the cast and crew to  know one another, and to just have a good time.  I am learning that there are many little and big set backs. I could wallow in resentment and be crippled by them or I can stay focused with the mission at hand.

Really it is about having a vision and confidence in that vision. React to set backs without anger.  That will cripple you quickly. And to be honest you don’t have the time or energy to waste on it.

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