Grey Room

Grey Room
I have been asked by Preston Walden to produce his newest film “Grey Room.”
“Grey Room” a supernatural thriller that is the prequel to a feature in the works.  The thought is to make a great short film, build an audience and attract investors.  We are putting a lot of work and love into this film and want you all to come along this journey with us.
The premise of the film: What if the Mayan calendar didn’t predict the end, but the beginning of the end?  The short is about the lovely Susan Wilcox, who on a terrifying night alone, comes to discover who and what she really is.  Follow her into the unimaginable as it unfolds.
I will be giving you updates on our progress and the methodology behind the film.  We need your financial support as well your feedback on the film.  Without you have no film so please spread the word.  Our “Grey Room” Campaign and fundraising will kick off on the 14th of July. We will also be taking donations through CrowdFunding sources.  I know you will come through for us.
Thanks again people.
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