Oh Lord Jesus, I apologize for being away for so darn long.   A lot has happened since I last wrote.  I went to my first festival that I was in and I directed a music video for the cancer charity Relay for Life.

I had a project that I started to work on then it died on the vine however, I do plan on resurrect it in the future.  The feature film is being written as I write this and I am really excited,  so I will let you know more as it progresses.

Oh, we were going to do a short film for the NBC Film Festival but then decided to not green light it for we would have only given us 30 days to raise funds, plan it, shoot it, edit it and do all the that is entailed in post.

So what is going on now?  Well I have stepped back from film making so to speak. No I am not getting out of film making on the contrary. I am stepping back to start my production company and dive into a lot of reading and research about film making and the business of film making .  I will write more on starting up  the production company very soon and get your feedback.

Oh Yeah one more thing,  the filmmaker speaker series is up and running. Filmmakers Speak started with Russell Hess and our next speaker is Rich Nation.  More to come on that.

OK Love you all.









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