Tampa Filmmakers Speaker Series is set to go.

It brings me great joy to announce that the Tampa Bay Filmmakers speaking Series has a lock down date, time and speaker, as well as a name for it, “Filmmakers Speak”

It is being presented by The Florida Motion Picture and Television Association, FMPTA Tampa Bay Chapter, and I will be your host. It will be on Saturday, March 24th at  10 am  at Keiser University, 5225 Memorial Hwy Tampa Fl 33634   This event is free and open to the public and will be live streamed.

We are honored to have as our first speaker Russell Hess.
Here is what Russell will be covering.
Some very important questions answered:

1. Packaging, what is it, is it important and why?
2. I’ve written one or more scripts, now what should I do?
3. Why can’t I raise money for my project?
4. Why you should NEVER lower your budget in an attempt to obtain production capital!
5. Can I arrange for a pre-distribution deal?
6. Is it possible to get movie stars in my film or documentary?
7. How will I know if my film can even qualify for a distribution deal?
(and when should I know this?)
8. What is the best kind of distribution deal to get and how soon can I get it?
9.Why do my films never get off the ground, completed, sold distributed
or make any money? (the answer is more simple than you think)
10. How can I have a better chance at getting into a film festival?
11. Which festivals are the best for my film?
12. Which distributors are the best for my film?
13. How can I create a “product” that will have distributors coming to ME?
Russell Hess has been in entertainment for over 25 years. From actor to producer and from sales agent to distributor, Hess has been responsible for independent film releases world-wide. The indie doc, “inGREEDients” helmed by Russell Hess saw a global release in over 70 countries and in 3 languages. Hess and his partners have developed a proprietary IPTV player similar to Netflix and Hulu. The platform will be for independent content only (for now). The big companies are already making the shift from DVD/BluRay and Hess’ company, Commodity Films, LLC is already moving in this direction.

Hess has connections with major and medium-sized companies and partners in various parts of the world for the releasing of any kind of title. Commodity Films operates an “all-digital” process from screening to release. The inventor of the IPTV player arranged a deal with Facebook so the titles can be viewed (and monetized) on the largest social network on the planet.

Executive Produced/Produced/Co-Produced nine successful feature films
• Co-Produced two Documentary films
• Designed and developed world-wide distribution models for documentary films
• Develops independent feature films from concept to release
• Forms strategic partnerships to create financially viable projects
• Creative visionary, show business consultant, innovator and inventor

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5 thoughts on “Tampa Filmmakers Speaker Series is set to go.

  1. I found your blog very interesting and informative , you have such a passion for the Arts of Filming

  2. Debra Flinn says:

    I would love to attend but can not due to obligations to my business( It is Prime season, I can not get away) Will you be putting together a information packet that can be purchased covering the topices you listed above?

  3. oriel kerr says:

    After reading all of what will be covered, I am even more excited to attend. Great blog!

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