What a difference a an editor can make

What can an editor do for you?

I have worked with 3 editors so far. The first one I worked with was a disaster. He couldn’t take the simplest of directions, was a know it all and just couldn’t edit.  On one of the the music videos I worked with him on I refuse to acknowledge.

Then I recently worked with Miles Harris on the Bomb Shelter music video. Let it be known, he made that music video to what it is. He had a vision and the skills to carry that vision out.

Now I am working with Jason Coté who is editing a trailer I directed and has turned it into a really good piece. And when finished it will be something to be proud of. It will be out soon. He is slugging away at the final cut and it should be out in a week and a half.

So the moral if the story is this post, find a good editor. Pay that editor because it is money well spent.  Editing is so important andI am sure you have seen many films and a lot of music videos where the editing was atrocious. Editing can make or break your project. Find a good one and someone you trust.

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