Bomb Shelter

I am proud to present to you all the my first music video I have directed. My friend and one of Tampa’s best Hip Hop artist BC recently put out his second album of a trilogy concept album.  We did a video for the song Fallout Shelter and shot it at a club and used the office as the fallout shelter. We also use the back of the club for the scene with the children.

I had a great team. Me and BC collaborated heavy and Mudd Buddha  was our DP. We had to shoot it in about a week because of the scheduling of the children.  As far as the editing, BC’s friend Miles Harris edited it. He and I both had the same vision for look and feel of the video.  I love how he used and edited  the footage.

Our next move is to enter it into the Gasparilla Film Festival. I am proud of this video. I have gotten really positive  feedback especially from filmmakers and musicians.  I hope you enjoy it.

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