Breaking into the film industry.

Here is a really good article on how to get into the film industry.  I think it is really good advice. I jumped in and got involved.  Though I had gotten caught up working with a really bad guy in the industry, I have since gotten to work with many wonderful people, and have gained a good reputation.  I show up and work hard. I  try to learn as much as I  can. I stay positive even when things don’t go right on set or in a project.

Film making is hard work. There is no way around it. You do put in very long days and when you are done you are dead only to turn around in a few hours and go right back at it. That being said, it is very rewarding.

I am working towards my goals in film making. I have many and understand I have so much to learn, but I am confident I will achieve them.

2 thoughts on “Breaking into the film industry.

  1. ogedegbe says:

    This movie business is a bad habit because its just too adictive. Once you get into it , it become nearly impossible to get out .
    I operate as a film maker in a country that is the most populous black nation in the world with over 200 Miillion people (NIGERIA) NOLLYWOOD, yet it seem totally impossible to distribute more than 20 thousand copies just because some organize crime syndicate have taken it upon themselves to continues to pirate our intellectual properties and they sell millions of copies just because they sell at a near nothing price but in troumendious quantity, the government officials seems to be well settled so no one is raising no eye brow . So the film maker is at the receiving end because he continues to source for capital to make another movie mainly for the love of the movie making process than for the business……I need help , the Nigerian film makers needs help. The other day over five thousand film maker matched in a protest against piracy to the government house. But the governor refused to acknowledge us for the unreasonable excuse that they (state government ) is honoring a former governor on his sixtyieth birthday, did you say sad ? Well you are welcome to my beloved country
    Where the citien continues to suffer and smile

  2. hashiralph shakuluh says:

    i need a help to break into a movie industry

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