Feast of the Foolish

I am currently the Producer of Marketing and Distribution (PMD) for the film Feast for the Foolish directed by the up and coming director Meg Pinsonneault who started Thirsty Girl Films. It is a period piece that is set in the 1930’s -40″s.  about a gangster who is  running from the law that finds himself lost in a desert when he is found by a band of Gypsies. From there he takes a journey in search of the future that leads to his past.

If you are fan of the series HBO”S Carnivàle then you’ll love this film.  It was shot on a Red with an amazing cast.

You can check out the new trailer HERE

We want to hear from you and want your feedback. We need it in order to engage you as well as making us better film makers.

Right now Meg is putting the finishing touches on the film before it goes to Sundance for consideration.

Also we have another film called Gwapa which is a documentary about a family in the Philippines who’s  story is about their three of the children have cleft lips and pallets and their journey to get surgery for the children by a Non profit organization that preforms surgeries for children with facial deformities. . This is an amazing story.

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2 thoughts on “Feast of the Foolish

  1. Very nice! I look forward in reading about your journey. I’ve always been fascinated by the film industry. I love foreign films.

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